Sunday Sesh w/ Hekyl & Jive

Take a drummer who has seen more than his fair share of hotels, motels and club auditoriums; an extreme guitarist who isn’t afraid to show it; a tasty bassist who puts the “sub” back into subsonic; and, a grooving, gyrating young female, then mix the volatile concoction into a fricassee frenzy.

Split personalities and chemically enhanced psyches are the beast which is…Hekyl & Jive

Who are these monsters, these abominations of the rock and pop underworld, these icons of all that is percussive, melodic and …occasionally demonic?

– Jack – Ritchie – Marty – Ally –

If you want ‘em, they’re yours for the night. A phone call, a request, a response and a modest fee, and they will play anywhere, anytime, to anyone. It is not only bums on seats they want; they demand feet on floors, jiving (in or out of time) to the diverse range of songs and sounds they deliver with pizzazz.




Sun 12 Aug 2018

(opening 4.00pm)


Hoey Moey Hotel (View Location Map)
Ocean Parade, Coffs Harbour