Name Our New Lager!


That’s Right!  The Hoey Moey is developing a brand new lager and we want our amazing & loyal fans to be apart of it!

Simply head to the Hoey Moey’s Facebook page and comment to the pinned “Name our New Lager” post at the top of the page before Wednesday July 19th.

Winner will be announced Friday July 21st.

The Brief:

It is pretty simple and wide open for creativity.  We are after a name that has a beach and/or surf theme.  That’s it.  Feel free to sell us on the name.  Flattery and humor will get entries a long way!

Winner will receive:

  • 25 schooner vouchers
  • $50 Bistro Voucher
  • Glory & Bragging rights


  • Entries must be a Hoey Moey Member
  • Must be 18+ to enter
  • Names must be unique – no plagiarism

Good luck and we look forward to reading the entries!!!