GANGgajang live on Australia Day at the Hoey Moey!

Australia Day will be celebrated with one of the most iconic Aussie Bands of all time!
Offbeat and the Hoey Moey Present … GANGgajang in their ‘Surfing Round the World’ Tour, including a screening
of seminal surf movie MAD WAX!!
Fashions come and go in the world of music. A song may be a hit for a few weeks but then it’s gone and the band is never heard of again. Occasionally, an enduring sub-culture will adopt a band, and their music becomes the soundtrack of their life. They pass on their love of the music to the next generation, the bands become legends and their music never dies. GANGgajang is such a band.
Renowned for the perennial Sounds Of Then (This Is Australia), GANGgajang has been part of Australia’s cultural fabric for over 30 years beginning with their debut single in November 1984. It was the mid 1980’s surf culture who first adopted the band when songs from their debut self-titled album became the entire soundtrack to Quiksilver’s seminal surf movie Mad Wax. Surfers would describe GANGgajang’s distinctive groove and sound as a seamless soundscape to the rolling waves.
GANGgajang’s current single Surfing Round The World was recorded at Freshwater Beach Sydney, where in 1915 the father of modern surfing Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku brought surfing to Australia. Included on the soundtrack of Australian surf music documentary, Delightful Rain, Surfing Round The World features the last recording lost friend and founding member Chris Bailey made with GANGgajang.
The Surfing Round The World tour and song are dedicated to the surfers and free spirits of the world. From the grommets to the pros and to anyone who has ever waxed a board or thought about it, this one’s for you.
Tickets are $25 plus booking fee.  Doors open at 6pm. GANGgajang’s will be followed by DJ Danger Waves!

$25 + booking fee

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Sat 26 Jan 2019

(opening 6pm)


Hoey Moey Hotel (View Location Map)
Ocean Parade, Coffs Harbour