Sunday Sesh ft. Honey & Stone

Sydney soul singer Josué, (pronouned hose-way) has been dubbed Sydney’s Prince of soul.  Fresh off releasing his very first EP ‘Bad News’, Josué intricately infuses soul with hip hop on top of seamless beats complimented with Josué’s unforgettable voice.  Imagine D’Angelo, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars made a baby, Josué is the result of it.

Josué grew up with music playing siblings; he developed a love for music at a young age and soon learnt how to play the guitar. He has since shared the stage with some of Sydney’s high ranking musical entertainers including Mike Champion, Doug Williams and Keyboardist Sam McNally.

At only age 23, Josué brings life into live music with entertaining musical arrangements, soul fire musicians, and thick grooves.

“The music is undeniably infectious, the hooks, melodies and those vocals featured are
perfect for any summer soundtrack” the AU review




Sun 02 Dec 2018

(opening 4.00pm)


Hoey Moey Hotel (View Location Map)
Ocean Parade, Coffs Harbour