Sunday Sesh – Sublime Tribute Show and DJ Helmy

Brisbane’s own tribute to the astounding legacy of the music of Sublime and Brad Nowell.

A tribute to the inspiration, the love, and the sound that has resonated with us and endured throughout the years.

A bunch of dudes, 1 thing in common. All attempt to play instruments. Coincidence? I think not…

Quinn, the out of this world, ponderous frontman, is a man of morals, ethics, and all round intellect. He can tell you the square root of any number within 1.5 seconds using an elaborate ‘beeramid’ method, and also knows how long a piece of string is.

Dan, the beat blaster of the group, is a lover of ladies. He blantantly admits the only reason he plays in a band is to court chicks. I’m not sure if it works, but what’s sexier than a man hitting things with a stick?

Finally, Wayne. What a guy – not only does he provide phat bass a la Wilson, he also speaks several languages, including English, Australian, and can also manage broken bits of American in a tight situation.

James is gifted such with keyboarding fingers, harmonically perfect backup vocals and lips any trumpet would die to kiss, we acknowledge that he’s way too good to be hanging around riffraff like us and try to tease him into leaving, so far without success.

Dyon plays the saxamaphone, radly. It’s a laff a minute with the D-man, who will speed-deal funnies until you laugh so hard beer comes out your nose, so exercise due caution before agreeing to tie one on!

Sublime Tribute Show’s performance will be followed by DJ Helmy.




Sun 16 Dec 2018

(opening 4.00pm)


Hoey Moey Hotel (View Location Map)
Ocean Parade, Coffs Harbour